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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Drain Of Wonders

I had to go to the passport office in Liverpool but had loads of time before my appointment so decided to look into a lead I've had for a while.
I've not seen any reports of this place so I've named it Drain of Wonders because I wonder why I crawled under the gated outfall for 300ft of RCP and a set of stair with a wall of fanny plasters
on with the pics
I could hear a rumbling from the outfall so waited for 10 minutes so see if anything came of it before heading in

Well it is next to a Liverpool council estate :thumb

couple of glow sticks chucked down a side pipe

the source of the noise, a wall of lady plasters and carrier bags


Twemlow Fuel Depot

So I was coming off the M6 at Northwich and cutting across Holmes Chapel to get home and decided I might as well drop in as Twemlow is only a minor diversion.
on the way onto the site I tore the crotch on my combats and had a gentle breeze for the explore, I'm glad I didn't get busted :D
The reservoirs still smell of fuel despite being flooded and very open.
Former Petroleum Storage Depot comprising six semi-submerged storage tanks with associated workshops and offices plus hardstandings. The site is situated in the village of Twemlow Green, Cheshire, bounded to the northwest by a railway line, and residential development to the south. The site comprises six semi-submerged fuel tanks with offices, workshops and extensive areas of concrete hardstanding. There are access points to two local roads.

This was the only one that wasn't completely flooded


Thursday, 14 June 2012

Hyde Falls

First Discovered by Nckt & Dan Helsing

 I started off at the infall and expected it to be a nice little stroll down the infall then over to the outfall for the view from the bottom.

 what no one seems to have mentioned are the waist deep pools, yup I got a soaking.

The sound at the top of the falls was immense

And then the outfall for the rest
This is where the pools got really deep

On the way out this side pipe that had a bit of water coming out on the way in really started pouring water out which had a smell of chlorine