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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Barracks Mill

*WARNING* This is a derp of the highest order

I was originally looking at a drain but when I popped the manhole I could see the water level rising so decided not to play in drains as it rains.

The mill is/was across the road from Tesco in Macc and the entry was amusing, there is work going on behind the derelict mill at the pylon but this mean secca were actually walking up and down the road.

This wouldn't normally be a major issue but as I was heading down a drain I had a crowbar fastened to my bag and drain keys in my pocket so I didn't fancy the police asking why I was going equipped

Inside it's completely trashed and at one point I ducked behind a pile of cable that looked due to be nicked

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Bunker Drain Meet

What can be said about this one XD
What I expected to be a small gathering with a few people turned into a big drain meet with people climbing into the system and meeting us along the way.
While we were all down it rained pretty heavy and we ended up having to seek higher ground until the water levels dropped again, there was some mental abseiling down the plug hole and finally a large explosion that resulted in a mass evacuation.
Oh did I mention I was dressed as Mario :D








Shortly after the abseiling down the plughole we had to get out sharpish as the drain exploded

Not my pic

And a couple vids

Ojay's vid from the exit

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Slate Culvert, Pott Shrigley

Diving home from work I pulled into a layby to roll a ciggy and heard the recognisable sound of babbling water.
I had my camera on me so it would have been rude not to pop down :)
it's only short but the slate inside makes for an interesting little culvert, it's just past the brickworks
The infall

The Outfall

Creme Fresh

Named because the Crematorium is over the road

Every time someone from Macclesfield asks about drains they ask about this one.
I've not posted a report from it before because if I'm honest I don't find it very interesting.
There is a caged outfall that leads right up to the processor unit, don't bother trying the covers as they all have gates on them, the outfall is also gated so to get in you need pixie dust and happy thoughts, does anyone actually read all this waffle that I write?
Any ways here are the pics to stop people asking what's inside.

Looking back at the gated outfall

What is with UU and chains?


Friday, 3 August 2012

The Works

I have no idea why I haven't done the works before, I've travelled further for a whole lot less!
Crossing the Irk went without incident and entry was a walk in, which made a pleasant change.
It wasn't until I found myself thigh deep in what barely passes for water that I discovered a hole in my wadorz.

Brick porn

The Drain Fairy, protecting all those who pass through the works

The giant steps

Time to GTFO

Thanks for looking

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Yesterdays nightclub

Christ it's August already, where has the year gone
Yes this is me above ground, it might be worth getting the sun glasses out the internal painting is a bit mental.
Back in the 90`s Yesterday’s Night Club in Alderley Edge was once one of the hottest nightspots in Cheshire that once attracted footballers and TV stars. It was bought by Absolute Leisure and in March 2000 became the areas first Lap dancing club, launching a lap dancing evening which became a regular weekday fixture known as the Purple Door. It then changed its name to Lizard and in 2004 it finely closed its doors. It had plans to change it into luxury housing but these plans fell through, a Northern Ireland-based developer Benmore Group has submitted a planning application to extend, refurbish and alter the former Yesterday's night club to create a 68 bedroom hotel including a ground floor bistro and spa.

Play it again Sam