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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I live just up the road from here so each time I have half an hour free I nip up

Buxton Lime Firms (BLF)
The Solvay process (also referred to as the ammonia-soda process) is the major industrial process for the production of sodium carbonate and was developed by Ernest Solvay in the 1860s. The process uses salt brine either from inland sources or from the sea and limestone. Around 1874 John Brunner and Ludwig Mond established the Solvay process for the manufacture of soda ash at Northwich. Salt was readily available locally and limestone came from Derbyshire

Drive out of Buxton on the A6 (past the Morrisons) and a couple of minutes dwn the road you can't miss the imposing structure.

First building is a bunker type building.


Access is pretty simple as you can walk into all the buildings

The largest structure is massive Lime Kiln which is reminiscent of an temple



Further along are Hoppers

Thanks for looking

Medlock Culvert

In the mid 1800s the Medlock formed a border between the city of Manchester and suburbs like Ardwick and Chorlton on Medlock.

The Medlock Culvert was built to re-direct the Medlock River in Manchester, after a series of floods, the worst being in 1872 where the flooding was so bad it literally tore bodies out of graves in the nearby cemetery, sending around 76 corpses floating away.

The culvert is constructed of various stone and brickwork, and incorporates street drainage and a water drain off for the nearby Rochdale Canal. The culvert starts in Phillips Park.

Meeting up at the Man city ground we walked over to the nice culvert, Not especially long but it has a couple of nice features like a reasonable inspection chamber and a sexy set of brick stairs :D





Heading out and walking in the water we looked down to see a number of gravestones that were probably washed down in a flood

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Poisoned Dwarf

The infall for this culvert is fenced off and has a big grill over it so it was over to the outfall to see if we could get in :D

the brickwork inside has a rough rock base with a brick arch built on top, it starts about 4 foot in height then shrinks down to three foot.

As it flows into Poise brook it shall be known as Poisoned Dwarf

On with the pics

If anyone from Stockport council reads this the brickwork in places is falling in

Lighting with the laser

And the outfall