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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Medlock Culvert

In the mid 1800s the Medlock formed a border between the city of Manchester and suburbs like Ardwick and Chorlton on Medlock.

The Medlock Culvert was built to re-direct the Medlock River in Manchester, after a series of floods, the worst being in 1872 where the flooding was so bad it literally tore bodies out of graves in the nearby cemetery, sending around 76 corpses floating away.

The culvert is constructed of various stone and brickwork, and incorporates street drainage and a water drain off for the nearby Rochdale Canal. The culvert starts in Phillips Park.

Meeting up at the Man city ground we walked over to the nice culvert, Not especially long but it has a couple of nice features like a reasonable inspection chamber and a sexy set of brick stairs :D





Heading out and walking in the water we looked down to see a number of gravestones that were probably washed down in a flood

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