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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bunker Warrington

Christ my feet are throbbing, Bunker from end to end
Bunker has long been seen as the seen as the benchmark for UK Drainers, it is massive and to see it all requires a few hours walking.

Features range from massive 40/50 foot condersation chambers to the "plug" and several stair sets and finally the mighty RAEL chamber.

If you are into draining this is a must!

Bunker was once regarded as one of the UK's best drains, and was one of the first major finds many years ago. Bunker is a huge complex spanning 3.5 miles under Warrington and was constructed during the 1980s, therefore is entirely concrete.

The "Plug" melted our faces

Wire wool


And the Outfall

And I'll finish off by going all David Attenborough



Hundreds of eels

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Highpeak and Cromford railway

Hindlow Tunnel

Burbage Tunnel

Flo Selecta - Derby

There are lots of these guys

A mile in and time for a smoke

After a while I got bored
It's basically this in a pretty straight line

Arghie Barghi - Macclesfield

This curved off to the right

another open drain

Sewer cover

Sluice gates

Oh go one then...

Heading back and 2 more drains

And finally this one heads to the left

Mersey Way - Stockport

The outfall from Tin Brook