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Monday, 30 July 2012


First off let me apologise for the pics, I was stuck with the little bridge camera
History bit stolen from Wiki -
The Standedge Tunnels (Standedge is normally pronounced Stannige) are four parallel tunnels that run beneath the Pennines at the traditional Standedge crossing point between Marsden and Diggle, on the edges of the conurbations of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester respectively, in northern England. There are three railway tunnels and a canal tunnel (on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal). The canal tunnel is the longest and oldest of the tunnels, and holds the record as the longest and highest canal tunnel in Britain. All four tunnels are linked by cross-tunnels or adits at strategic locations within the tunnels. The adits allowed the railway tunnels to be built much more quickly by allowing 'waste spoil' to be removed by boat and reducing the need for shafts for construction. Of the railway tunnels, only the tunnel built in 1894 is currently used for rail traffic. Closed in 1943, the canal tunnel was re-opened in May 2001. The Standedge Tunnel Visitor Centre, at the Marsden end of the tunnel, serves as a base for boat trips into the canal tunnel and hosts an exhibition which depicts the various crossings.

The central tunnel seems to be a cut through for the railway staff, I had to dodge down side tunnels quite a few times in the pitch black as jeeps drove past!
One of the Jeeps was parked up next to a tunnel to the canal, once it shifted I dashed over and had a nosey but didn't stick around to take pics

Drain down to the Canal

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Quick Request

You might have spotted the ads on the side Well google pay for each click on an advert and any money made through the ads will be getting donated to Scope :) So if you could click on one it would be appreciated but if you don't then that's up to you

Friday, 27 July 2012

Optimus Prime

I got bored so decided to go for a drive after work and ended up in Manchester centre and going for a wander down Prime
The sewer outfalls were pouring out clouds of mist that was attracting thousands of flies that swarmed my torches so the headlamp was out of the question.

Cheers for looking

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bagger 288 De

The Bagger 288 is an excavator manufactured by German company Krupp for the mining Rheinbraun. It weighs 13 500 tons, and when its construction was completed in 1978 , became the largest Bagger 288 excavator in the world, surpassing the crawler-transporter of NASA , used to transport the Space Shuttle launch vehicle and the Saturn V

Click the pic to see the full size pic

You can't get the scale of the machines until you see something next to it
The tiny orange dot is a man

Abandoned Village DE

So I've been working in Germany for a few weeks and decided one evening in the pouring rain to head down to Garzweiler open pit mine to see the Bagger and an abandoned village.
The mine has been expanding for over 30 years now and once it reaches a village the local people get paid off and moved.
This is one of the villages

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Monchengladbach Bunker

I've not been on much recently because I've been working in Germany but I'm home for the weekend so here's a little one I found.
Next to the train station in Monchengladbach is a large imposing bunker, I couldn't find a way inside but I got on top
First a pic from the train station

And now the bunker

The gate wasn't very difficult to bypass

Not much I know but I have bigger and better things planned for the next week ;)