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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Cresent Culvert

No rain no drain needs to have a line added that when it's freezing cold no drains, I couldn't feel my toes when I got out

I only had an hour free to head out so I went over to follow more of the culverts around Buxton

The culvert is a large limestone affair with plenty of walking room, the water rushes in and will take a light tripod with it so if you head in be aware and watch your footing.

I found a little friend so it wasn't a totally solo explore

I had to turn back as the freezing cold water reached my nuts as I only had thigh waders on

These look ancient

I decided not to go into the stoopy bit because to be honest I couldn't be arsed

on the way out I found a light worm

Elenor lane Mill

I actually went out to go draining but it was raining so hard that when I put my foot in the outfall I was almost swept away :(

I headed back to my car and looking up a foot path spotted this little derelict factory site, The house next door was called Shallcross mill house but Shallcross mill sits below the errwood reservoir so I have no idea what this is :S

it has all the usually derpy stuff like peeling paint, crap graff and me being silly behind a shower curtain. :thumb


It was all pretty dirty

all the windows were covered in vines

I don't know Cobey but I know he's gay

Seriously Bros. even in the 80s I hated Bros

lucky I didn't need a poo


Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Near Miss

History wise all I can say is the road above dates from 1876.

A short scramble down an embankment and a bit of looking around lead me to the entrance to this little beauty :D

Using my tripod to cut the spider webs out the way I headed in, at first it stands about 5 foot in height but quickly opens up into a 12 foot chamber with a small waterfall dropping down 4 steps that cover about 10 foot distance.

A really nice chilled out explore

Heading down

Playing with glowsticks

Yup the XM-L 1600 is as bright as the sun!

The Outfall, Bollocks I've got to climb back out of this

Thanks for looking

Coomb reservoir

No rain No drain but no one ever mentioned snow :D

I was actually out looking for a sewer which made redundant last year so should be dry (I found that as I was heading home so will be back this week)

Combs Reservoir is situated near to the village of Combs, just outside Chapel-en-le-Frith in the Derbyshire Peak District. It is used by the local sailing club and fishing is permitted. There is a well signposted footpath which will lead the walker around the perimeter.

access was easy as they come but the outfall is only reasonably short.

It starts with a box prefab section then on to a sexy brick arch with some nice steps at the end

On with the pics

in the arched section

the section is about 7 foot tall, I'm just short

Light orbz at the stairs, yeah I can do that shit

Looking up

:D only short but worth a visit if you driving past