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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Torr Vale Water tunnels

I've known about these for a while but I always seem to fail
The entrance and the british weather has a lot to do with the fails The mill above is now a live site and the gates are locked and have CCTV pointed at them. Looking at the water level and I figured it was do able so went for it, half way across the river looked pretty and I considered getting the camera out for a pic from the middle of the weir but decided that it was too cold to go for a swim and carried on. the bottom arch is back filled as is the other side o it only left two ways in here are the tunnel pics. I love the reflection on this The small square you can see at the end is just big enough to crawl through and leads into the mill The opening lead into this single room with just one door out that was sealed up piled up machinery and crates of cotton one of the battered looms

1 comment:

  1. These are cracking and the fact the tunnel leads into a building is proper Scooby Doo stuff