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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Deep Dale

A small cave in Deep Dale, on the opposite side of the valley to Thirst House Cave. Several sources suggest that Deep Dale Cave and Thirst House Cave are in fact one and the same, although Ordnance Survey field investigation has identified two distinct caves on opposite sides of the valley, and some early sources imply that each was explored around the same time. The entrance to Deep Dale Cave is 10 metres wide and 5 metres high, which quickly reduces to 1.5 metres wide and 1 metre high. Excavations by Micah Salt recovered some Romano-British pottery and "bones". The pottery is in Buxton Museum.

I'm not sure which cave I was in but it went a lot further than 20 metres as quoted by ordnance surveys

After dropping to a 1 metre high crawl it opened out into a large chamber with really old grafiti

All in all not a bad day


  1. loving the "old school" graff.

  2. Nice shots :). Looks like you discovered a mine.