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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Curious Tunnel

Originally I was looking at a site above Buxton
but it was sealed on the ground floor and the flood lights shining onto it made the second floor access a bit dodgy
so I resigned myself to not getting in

Shortly after I spotted this in the side of a hill and decided to have a look.

I'm not actually sure what it is, there are no buildings around and it just suddenly ends, all the walls are brick with a couple of small side arches which go back about a foot possibly for passing other people but as it's all brick I can't see how it could be a mine

The water inside is only what is leaking from the roof and I imagine having a couple of steps inside wouldn't be practical for carts

Another side arch this time taller than the first

Close to the end is soil piled up at the side

And then it just ends

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